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About YOKE
Our Mission Statement 
We aim to enrich our community by encouraging understanding
and respect for one another's cultures and values,
all the while maintaining Yokohama's historical and cultural charms
and enhancing its reputation as an international city.
About YOKE
Chairperson and CEO Teruhiko OKADA  Message from our Chairperson
Address Yokohama International Organizations Center 5F, Pacifico Yokohama
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012  Access Map
History Jul.8, 1981
Established as a voluntary organization "Yokohama-shi Kaigai Koryu Kyokai"
Dec.28, 1982
Recognized as a foundation
Mar.30, 1993
Authorized to act as a Specific Public Interest Promotion Corporation
Apr.1, 1999
Changed its Japanese name to "Yokohama-shi Kokusai Koryu Kyokai"
Jun.13, 2004
Moved from Sangyo Boeki Center, 2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku to present address
November 1, 2010
Re-registered as a public interest incorporated foundation
Endowment 476,943,972 yen

Message from the Chairperson 
 The Yokohama Association For International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) was founded in 1981. Since YOKE's founding, we have worked on various programs in response to the internationalization of Yokohama.
 YOKE's mission statement is "We aim to enrich our community by encouraging understanding and respect for one another's cultures and values, while maintaining Yokohama's historical and cultural charms and enhancing its reputation as an international city. To fulfill this mission, we are working on programs related to three main pillars.

1. Creating a multicultural community
2. Developing human resources, supporting citizens' activities
3. Promoting international cooperation

 In order to support foreign residents, we have developed specific programs in cooperation with local residents, such as providing information and consultations, dispatching interpreters, and providing Japanese classes.
 We hope that anyone who is unable to use Japanese and is having difficulty with administrative procedures at Ward Offices, cannot get the government administrative information they need, needs assistance with communication between teacher and parent or help for their child's studies, or the like will make use of YOKE's programs.

 Our programs are supported by many organizations and citizens. YOKE is supported by the cooperative efforts of government, citizen groups, NPOs/NGOs, public organizations, schools, businesses, and many volunteer citizens.
 We are deeply grateful to all those who have supported YOKE thus far.

 We ask for your continued support and cooperation as we work to a build multicultural community.
December 1, 2013
Yokohama Association For International Communications and Exchanges
Teruhiko OKADA
YOKE's programs
I Creating a multicultural community
Operation of the Information Corner
・Cooperative support of the 11 International Lounges in Yokohama
・Opening the YOKE Information Corner
・Supporting specialized consultations

Supporting Japanese studies
・Holding YOKE New Comer Japanese classes
・Operating the Japanese Class Database (Yokohama)
・Introducing the activities of Japanese classes in the area
・Investigating and reporting on best practices for Japanese classes

Operating International Lounges
・Operating International Lounges
 (Naka International Lounge, Tsurumi International Lounge, Minami Citizens' Multicultural Lounge)

Providing multilanguage information
・Providing multilanguage information in "よこはま yokohama"
・Translating information essential for foreign residents' daily lives
・Creating translation support tools

Dispatching multilanguage support volunteers
・Citizen volunteer interpreter dispatch system
・Language volunteer referral system
・Study programs for volunteers

Disaster response for foreign residents
・"Yokohama Foreign Citizens' Disaster Information Center" set up during disasters
 (based on an agreement with Yokohama City)
・Training and coordination with related organizations for the set up and operation of the "Yokohama Foreign Citizens' Disaster Information Center"
Ⅱ Human Resouces Development for Global Activities
A platform for international cooperation and exchange
Cooperate with and introduce NGOs/NPOs, government offices, international organizations, schools,
 and companies that are based in Yokohama and the surrounding area that are working for international
 cooperation and exchange and supporting the lives of foreign residents.

・Operate the "Yokohama International Festa" and "Yokohama International Forum"

International Understanding
・Operate language courses (English conversation and Spanish)

Support the dispatch of overseas welfare workers
Based on an EPA, support the study and work of prospective licensed nursing care workers from Indonesia
 and the Philippines

Ⅲ Promoting international cooperation
Operate the International Organizations Center
・Support the 6 international organizations housed in the International Organizations Center
・"Global Citizen Program"
Operate a class introducing international organizations to students from participating universities participating in the international organization work experience program.

Yokohama International Students' House
・Operate a housing facility for foreign university students studying at schools in Yokohama
  (designated operator appointed by Yokohama)

・Provide facilities for resident use
・Operate programs for international understanding
・Coordinate activities that contribute to exchange between city residents and international students
 and contribute to the local area

・Consult with international students about employment and daily living

Support international researchers
Operate local cultural exchange events for researchers staying at the JICA Yokohama International Center
・Operate a consultation window (YOKE desk) for researchers

ⅣProvide information on international activities
・Publish the international exchange information magazine "Yoke Pier" (Japanese)
Operate the YOKE website
・Operate the Yokohama International Exchange mailing list
・Operate the YOKE Facebook page
・Operate a page introducing international exchange and support groups
・Operate the "Yorozu Sodan / Everything Consultation" window
 Donate to YOKE 
 YOKE accepts donations at any time.
【Donation amount】Donations are accepted for any amount in 1000 yen increments.
【Specifying the program to support】
 You can specify the programs you would like to support when you donate.
 If no program is specified, YOKE will select the program to apply to the funds to.
 ●Programs that can be specified
Educational support for foreign children
Funds donated to this program support the Japanese and school subject studies of foreign children.

Provision of information to foreign residents
By providing Yokohama City information in multiple languages, these programs support the everyday lives and community participation of foreign residents.

International student support
Funds donated to this program allow the Yokohama International Student House to house students from many countries around the world and support international students in their studies in Japan.
International exchange/cooperation support
Funds donated to this program support the establishment of the "Yokohama International Exchange and Cooperation Platform" and encourage the growth of citizens' multicultural understanding and international exchange through the "International Festa" and "Forum".
 ●Informational Magazine
 Those who donate 3000 yen or more at one time will receive a year's subscription to the Yokohama international exchange information magazine "Yoke Pier" or a multilangauge publication of their choice.
 ●Publication of names in "YOKE Pier"
 The names of contributors to YOKE are published in YOKE Pier, with the contributor's consent.
 ●Favorable tax treatment
-YOKE is an authorized Specific Public Interest Corporation-
Donations from corporations or individuals over a certain amount may be eligible for preferential treatment under the tax code. Contact us for details.
Bank transfer information <Japan Post Bank> 
【Account Number】00250-3-74434
【Account Holder】
公益財団法人 横浜市国際交流協会(こうえきざんだんほうじん よこはましこくさいこうりゅうきょうかい)
 Yokohama Association For International Communications and Exchanges
 ※We will send a transfer fee exempt bank transfer from. Please contact us.  
●Contact for questions regarding donations, or to make a donation 
General Administration Division, Yokohama Association For International Communications and Exchanges(Japanese)
Tel. 045-222-1170 Contact
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